Gowe Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, New Rebar Tire

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Complete machine outlook size for 277100290 operation when the weight is 2.3Kg, the mouth of the tongs ties up the diameter is most greatly 39.5mm, the coil silk is 0.8mm (positive and negative 0.02) the vacuum annealing silk or the galvanization silk, each silk long 95 about rice. Each point needs 69 centimeter vacuum annealing silk or the galvanization silk, each silk may hit the approximately more than 120 points. The motor voltage is 9.6 volts, high grade 3300mAh nickel hydrogen battery. Battery Man Dianhou may suppress the approximately 900 points, 0.8 second may suppress a point, and the duration of charging is 1-and-a-half hours. Keeps forging ahead after the technical personnel our product noise to be small unceasingly, the available any kind of similar model not standard coil, may use the vacuum annealing silk or the galvanization silk two kind of silk, moreover the equipment is simple, the ease of operation and the similar products are different, simultaneously we applied for the national monopoly. this company located at the Zhejiang Ningbo, has been a beautiful city, the company since was established, insisted that develops the market by " the brand, the good faith wins the will of the people " the objective, the specialty devotes to the steel bar strapping machine's production. Simultaneously receives the first-class quality, punctual delivery, reasonable price the service objective, take the good faith management as an idea, set up the good enterprise image in the market, the depth the general everywhere customer high praise. Our all staff will go all out, innovates unceasingly spirit, completely biggest diligently for customer service. Holds is doing in a big way, does strongly, makes the fine goal, develops the innovation unceasingly, the challenge, strives for realism advances boldly, unremitting pursue. We believed that we add on the customer diligently the faith, we tomorrow will be magnificent and bright!

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a hand-held power tool, can tie the crossed rebar speedily and automatically

Powered by the rechargeable battery. it can be used alternatively and continuously

It is widely used in the construction field, which can highly improves the working efficiency

Don't buy others' fakes. Only buy from Gowe Industrial can enjoy after-care service.

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