Gowe Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester GDy1000 Ground Resistance Clamp Meter GDy

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Digital Clamp-on Ground Resistance tester DY1000A is a major breakthrough in traditional grounding resistance measurement. It is widely used in the grounding resistance measurement of the power, telecommunications, meteorology, oilfield, construction and the industrial and electrical equipment. DY1000A in the measurement of a grounding system with loop, does not require breaking down the grounding wire, and need no auxiliary electrode. It is safe, fast and simple in use. It can measure out the faults beyond the reach of the traditional methods, and can be applied in the occasions not in the range of the traditional methods. DY1000 can measure the integrated value of the grounding body resistance and the grounding lead resistance. DY1000 are equipped with either a long jaw or a short jaw, as indicated in the figure below. A long jaw is particularly suitable for the occasion of grounding with the flat steel. Specifications Clamp-on Ground Resistance tester Earth Ground Resistance Range Resolution Precision 0.01? ~ 0.99? 0.01? 1%+0.01? 1.0? ~ 49.9? 0.1? 1.5%+0.1? 50.0? ~ 99.5? 0.5? 2%+0.5? 100? ~ 199? 1? 3%+1? 200? ~ 395? 5? 6%+5? 400? ~ 590? 10? 10%+10? 600? ~ 1000? 20? 20%+20? Min. Resolution 0.01? Configurable alarm value of resistance 0 ~ 199? Memory 99 sets Conductor Size 32 * 55 mm Working Temperature -10C ~ 55C Working Humidity 10%~80% LCD Size 28.5 x 47 mm General Characteristics Power AA1.5Vx4 Product Size 285*90*60 mm Product Net Weight 1320g(including battery) Standard Accessories Standard individual packing carry case Standard Quantity per Carton 6 pcs. Measurement of Standard Carton 645*360*276mm (0.064 CBM) Gross weight of Standard Carton 12kgs ***Don't buy others' fakes. Only buy from Gowe Industrial can enjoy after-care service.***

Don't buy others' fakes. Only buy from Gowe Industrial can enjoy after-care service.

55*32mm jaw size for larger ground rods, Verification resistor confirm accuracy of meter

Autoranging ground resistance measurements from 0.01Ohm to 1000Ohm with 0.01Ohm resolution

Configurable alarm value in resistance to support the measurement,full rubber coating for slip proof

Ergonomic mold, Simplifies ground resistance measurements on multiple point ground systems

Complete with heavy duty case and verification resistor, Datalogging with 99 data points