Gowe Honton HT-1212 BGA Reballing HOT-PLATE Preheating Station

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Working Voltage: 110V AC Max Heating Power: 400W Temperature Range:25c 300c Temperature Fluctuation: 1c Heating Plate Size: 120x120x15mm Weight:2.6KG Don't buy others' fakes. Only buy from Gowe Industrial can enjoy after-care service.

Don't buy others' fakes. Only buy from Gowe Industrial can enjoy after-care service.

So easy with our HT-1212 and instructions that will come with it when you buy this incredible little BGA Hot-Plate. We have also developed the best method of cleaning the PCB pads using this amazing hot plate with a little help from a hot air gun.

You will remove the solder on the PCB in an amazingly short time with no damage to the pads or tracks or the solder mask. It is the gentlest way to clean BGA and PCB when reballing. You will have never seen cleaner pads on a BGA after you use our technique. The device would look like new with not a trace of any left-over solder. Clean the BGA in seconds like never before.

Don't buy others' fakes. Only buy from Gowe Industrial can enjoy after-care service.

This is an outstanding device which will make reballing a lot easier and faster. Just set the maximum temperature for your device and place the BGA on the hot-plate with its heat sink laying on top of the ceramic plate. Because the hot-plate temperature is accurately limited to the set value by the user, there is no risk of thermal damage to the BGA. It is very easy to set the temperature to within a few degrees, well within the safe working temperatures to perfectly reflow the solder balls. Now, anyone can reball like an expert.

Another way of making good use of this device is when you remove a BGA from the motherboard for reballing. The removed BGA has to be cleaned of the old solder, before new solder balls can be placed on the device using a reball jig. The usual way is to use a soldering iron and solder wick which is a potentially risky operation as it is possible to damage the pads, or tracks as well as the solder mask due to the abrasive nature of the solder wick and the soldering iron. At Insat, we have developed a technique that simplifies this process as well as reduce any risk of frictional damage by the solder wick or the soldering iron.