• Gowe Master Prediction Case Magic Illusion Stage Magic

Gowe Master Prediction Case Magic Illusion Stage Magic

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A small finely made box hangs in full view on one side of the stage.
During your act any time, you invite members of the audience to call out or freely select anything like numbers, cities, foods, names, etc. - with no controls or conditions. All selections are made freely and without the use of any force. Write the selections on a board so that they remain in full view.
After that, calling focus to the box, you give explanation that inside is a "Clear Container" containing a prediction of the selections just named by the audience members. Open the box and remove the big container. It is a clear plastic container measuring 9 inches in height and over 4 inches in diameter. The cap is unscrewed and an audience member removes a large sealed envelope. He opens it and reads the prediction. It is 100% correct!